Role: System Designer / Designer

The pet store announced today a big catnip sale! How could Kai refuse? He couldn’t. In fact; no kitty could resist as Kai soon finds out. In the frenzied rush to reach the store, a super-duper wave known as a Cat Tsunami is created. Grabbing his surfboard, the crafty cat Kai Hangs Ten on the back of his fellow felines, jumping, dodging and dashing along the wave on his surfin’ joyride to the store. Watch out for enemies on the way because if the tsunami of cats doesn’t get you obstacles like the stray dog, crazy seagull, alien UFO and more might ruin your run. Transform your kitty powers with the help of zombies, ninjas, tigers and more all the while you don a fez, sombrero, cowboy hat, baseball cap and other great gear full of special powers. Act quickly in this super speed surf adventure and make it to the sale first dashing, jumping and riding the wave of cats!

During the production of the game, my role was Systems Engineer and Designer. My duties were to maintain provision files, teaching new members how to use programs like perforce, problem-solving issues that occurred during production and providing design input to improve the games controls to make it feel more realistic.

  • Maintained a version control server, taught new members of the team the proper procedure for submitting work.
  • Designed new control system and gave advice to lead designer on creating a new tutorial to increase the completion rate.
  • Successfully soft-launched in the Philippines and the United Kingdom acquiring 5,000+ unique users.

Catsunami Official Trailer