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Role: Lead Designer / Producer

In Midnight Terrors, you must protect a little kid named Casey from an onslaught of bedtime monsters that hinder him from getting any kind of peaceful slumber. How? With Casey’s toys! Whether you use the windup robot that shoots electricity from its arms or the toy soldiers who use their plastic rifles – it’s up to you to keep the monsters from reaching Casey. During the game all types of nightmarish monsters will challenge you and you must use a combination of toys to build a strong defense.  Midnight Terrors is a tower defense game that focuses on mazing and tower combinations as the main strategy of the game.

My role during the production of Midnight Terror’s was lead designer and producer. I conceptualized the original game idea which was unanimously selected to be worked on during 2014 MassDiGI’s Summer Innovation Program. I also developed and created concept designs for towers, monsters, and world.  During the MassDiGI program Midnight Terrors was picked up by a publishing company Thumbspire.

After the program I oversaw a team of 16 members both local and remote. While also having interactions with the publisher which included daily progress updates and weekly production calls.  I coordinated with programmers and artists during the production and worked to resolve issues, design new systems for gameplay and worked with UI artist on a complete overhaul of UI and store layout.

  • Supervised and led a team of 15 members for 1 year  and successfully soft launched in the Philippines and Denmark acquiring 5,000+ unique users. Documented and communicated with publisher on a daily basis
  • Created a tutorial system with 80% completion rate, designed key mechanics for gameplay including level editor, store assets, and help create audio engine for a unique dynamic audio experience.
  • Worked with Art Director on creating monster and tower concepts, also worked with lead programmer on creating mechanics for gameplay.

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